Hi, I’m Laura & I run Lazy Girl Manifesto.


Lazy Girl Manifesto was born in 2018 as a hobby and way to further explore some of my interests. I’ve always loved fashion, beauty, food & lifestyle (for the purpose of this blog I’m lumping travel, interiors, health and wellness under the “lifestyle” category) and creating a blog felt like a great place where I could continue to grow my love for these topics.

Lazy Girl Manifesto is about making the most of life. Finding little ways to make things easier and time efficient so you can spend your time doing the things you really love. From simple beauty tips to quick and easy recipes, LGM is a space where I explore how to live your best life without burning out.

In the last year, I’ve been lucky to see Lazy Girl Manifesto grow into the perfect little passion project that it is today. There have certainly been a lot of changes to the blog over the last year. I’ve loved learning about and evolving the blog into what it now is.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us (me and LGM). I sincerely hope you enjoy this space and get as much out of this blog as I do!