I had my Eyebrows Microbladed

I first heard about about microblading when Lena Dunham wrote an article for Vogue about her eyebrows. Somehow, if it was a beauty trend Lena Dunham supported, it felt like something I could get on board with too.




Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that mimics your natural eyebrows. It’s a series of small lines resembling each individual eyebrow hair to help define and fill in your eyebrows. It’s basically a semi-permanent version of the tinted brow mascara I apply everyday.


While microblading is an expensive procedure, it can last up to two years & definitely cut down your prep time in the morning.


Because I’m willing to try (almost) anything that will save me time but still keep me looking fresh, I booked myself microblading appointment at Blink Blink Cardiff. Before having the treatment done, I had to go in to a patch test to make sure my skin wouldn’t react poorly to the pigment. While there for the patch test, Natalia (the owner of Blink Blink Cardiff) warned me that my eyebrows would first be way darker than I wanted, then become way lighter and finally even out.


I was advised not to have coffee or alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to treatment… which I didn’t entirely adhere to. I had a super tiny, super weak coffee early in the morning, roughly 7 hours before my appointment.


I arrived at my appointment super excited and a little bit nervous about what the outcome would be. Levan, the man doing my microblading, was incredibly meticulous and spent the better part of an hour outlining my eyebrows.


After the outlining was completed, Levan started the microblading procedure. I won’t lie, it hurt quite a bit more than I thought it would. Overall the experience wasn’t that painful, but there were definitely a few moments that made me wince. I also recommend bringing headphones if you decide to get microblading done. I think worse than the pain was hearing the incisions.


During the procedure, the technician makes small scratches on your eyebrows in the shape of eyebrow hairs. The technician then puts the pigment on your browse, wipes it off and repeats this process a few more times (three in my case).


A week on, they’re already less dark. They’re slightly less defined than the were, but that’s what the touch up is for!


I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It’s so nice not having to mess around with my eyebrows in the morning. I have definitely shaved some time off my morning routine. I’m really looking forward to the touch up and sharing the final result with all of you!