How I Learned to Love Matcha

I’ll be the first to admit that matcha can be hit or miss. I’ve tried some horrible matcha lattes and it took me a long time to find matcha that I actually love. The secret? Making it yourself! About a year ago, I stumbled on Rokit Pods’ matcha pods. I was trying to find matcha I could easily make at home. Rokit Pods can just be popped into your regular Nespresso machine, making it so much easier to make (no bamboo whisk required!).


So what exactly is matcha?

Matcha is (basically) high-grade green tea leaves ground into a fine powder that you dissolve into hot water by whisking. What makes matcha leaves higher-grade than regular green tea leaves is that they are denied sunlight for 20-30 days before harvesting. This leads to an increase in chlorophyll production, ultimately boosting the amino acid content in the leaves. Matcha has a slightly different texture than steeped tea; it has a richer and fuller texture than traditional green tea.

Is it really that healthy?


Apparently so! Matcha is rich in antioxidants and research shows that it has a number of health benefits. Some of the documented benefits of matcha include protecting the liver, boosting brain function and it can help protect your heart.

Is matcha caffeinated?

Yes! Matcha (and all green tea) contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine is higher in matcha than regular steeped green tea. While it’s not quite as much as is in coffee, matcha can definitely help you feel more alert and give you that same caffeinated buzz.

How I make a matcha latte I actually love

I pop the Rokit Pod into my Nespresso machine and choose the espresso function (as I would when making any latte). Next, I use my frother to warm and froth a cup (250ml) of milk. I then stir in my sweetener of choice (usually something sugar-free) and that’s literally it! It’s super quick, super easy and genuinely delicious.


Recycling your Rokit Pods

Rokit pods are easily recyclable. Just empty the used capsule after use and dispose of the empty pod with your regular recycling.
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