What We Eat in a Week & How We Save Money by Meal-Planning

Meal planning is annoying, but necessary for us. If we don’t meal plan, we end up having to go to the grocery store every night (ugh) and we end up eating less healthily. We also often end up eating out, which is costly and definitely less healthy than eating at home. Ya know, that whole “fail to plan, plan to fail” thing might have some truth to it! 

 A few months ago, we decided it was time to buckle down and make a change to help out waistlines (and bank accounts). We’ve now implemented a new routine in which I do the meal planning and make the list and Rob picks up the groceries. We have a few go-to meals that we rotate for evening meals. This makes things easier and also saves us time in the evenings. While we’d love to get more adventurous with our cooking, we’re so famished when we get home from work that we need to prepare dinner quickly or we end up eating all the snacks. 

We typically spend between £35.00 - £45.00 on weekly groceries for the two of us. That usually covers about 6 dinners, 5 lunches and 6 breakfasts for the two of us! We try not to have more than one dinner out a week, but we often end up eating out twice a week. We also love going for brunch / lunch on the weekends or picking up a cheeky pastry from Bread Source for breakfast here and there! 

Saving money meal planning for the week doesn’t mean we’re missing out. We eat delicious meals that we both love. Here are our top 10 go-to weeknight meals: 

  1. Shakshuka 

  2. Burrito bowls

  3. Fattoush salad & shish taouk chicken 

  4. Curry chickpea pittas

  5. Chicken sausages & mashed cauliflower

  6. BBQ pulled chicken lettuce wraps

  7. Super green tamari salad

  8. Fajitas

  9. Tomato soup & grilled cheese 

  10. Chicken breast & roast vegetables 

Basically, I try to pick and choose between these ten meals (and occasionally a few others) throughout the week. Having a list ready to choose meals from makes meal planning so much easier. As we find new recipes we love, the list grows and we have more variety to choose from. We used to eat a lot more stir fry, but stir fry is one of the foods I always end up overeating, so I try to avoid making it. I will literally be stuffed to the brim and still picking at it as I’m putting away leftovers… it’s so dangerous!

Anyway… once I’ve decided which meals we’re having, I make a list using Wunderlist and then Rob does the weekly shop. Wunderlist is great, because we can both view the list at the same time, so if I forget anything, I can quickly add it and Rob will know right away! 

My biggest recommendation to make your weekly shop and meal planning easier is to keep a list of recipes you love handy, so that you can quickly pick and choose to build a delicious menu for the week!