Product Review: KiteNest Dry Shampoo

First of all, the most important piece of Lazy Girl advice: DRY SHAMPOO IS EVERYTHING. We all know that washing and styling your hair is a hassle. Not only that, but over-washing leads to damaged hair. Dry shampoo plays a massive role in my life. It means I can sleep in later most days and it means I don’t have to sleep with wet hair every single night. (Yes I sleep on wet hair most nights and then scramble to make it look decent in the mornings.)

While I probably use more dry shampoo than all of my Lazy Girls combined, I’ve never been attached to one particular brand. I typically gravitate to whatever’s on sale (or available if I’m somewhere with a smaller selection). I recently tried KiteNest’s new dry shampoo formula and I can proudly say I am now loyal to one brand.


KiteNest’s dry shampoo is incredible for so many reasons.

Firstly, it’s not heavy. You don’t feel like it’s caked onto your scalp and weighing down your hair. This is huge, because when you’re rocking dry shampoo, you don’t want to feel like that’s the case.

Secondly, it’s organic, natural and cruelty free! This is something that has become of increasing importance to me over the last few years. That’s not to say that I didn’t care about this stuff before, I’ve just become more woke in my old age.

Thirdly, the packaging is amazing. Not only is the packaging practical, but it’s eco friendly too! My dry shampoo was delivered in a small cardboard box, insulated with vermiculite to protect the product. You can reuse the vermiculite in your garden. The box was sealed using natural gum adhesive tape. Also, my name and address were hand-written on the box, so no added waste from labels! Everything recycles!

Lastly, it’s a fantastic product. KiteNest’s dry shampoo leaves your hair looking clean without going grey (something that I have definitely had happen many, many times).

Don’t forget to apply your dry shampoo before bed to wake up looking supa fresh! This will both save you time in the morning and ensure the dry shampoo has adequate time to absorb, minimising the risk of any residue showing.

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