10 Reasons to Travel By Coach

This is a sponsored post.

Last Saturday, Rob and I went to Cambridge on a National Express coach! We travel by coach fairly regularly and it’s one of our preferred ways to travel. Taking the coach means neither of us have to be focused on the road and we can have a couple of drinks at our chosen destination before heading home! It’s also nice that we can both sleep if we need to and just relax on our journey. Here are 10 more great reasons to travel with National Express. 

  1. Wifi

    Stay connected while you travel! Avoid eating up your data allowance and stream away while on your journey.

  2. On-board entertainment

    Going hand-in-hand with their free wifi offering, National Express has their own free onboard entertainment app VUER, that lets you watch all kinds of entertainment throughout your journey! There are hours of movies, TV shows, sports and even games to keep your kids entertained. 

  3. It’s cheap

    National Express is sooooo much more affordable than driving or taking the train.  Also, National Express gets you right into the city centre or right to the door of the airport or festival, saving you additional public transportation costs down the line! 

  4. It’s comfortable 

    Wide, cushy, leather seats. Need I say more? 

  5. You’re guaranteed a seat / no overcrowding / they don’t oversell tickets

    Ever been on a train that’s so full you’re forced to spend the journey hovering by the bathroom? Yeah, me too, and it sucks. This will not happen on a coach journey. National Express guarantees everyone a seat. 

  6. Gets you into the heart of the city / special event day routes to drop you right at festivals

    Because they’re not dependent on railway tracks, coaches can get you right to where you need to go! National Express offers special routes for festivals and other events to bring you right to the heart of the action. 

  7. Power outlets

    If you’re like my husband, there’s a very good chance your phone is perpetually on low power mode. Luckily, there are power outlets onboard the coach so he can make sure he’s fully charged to navigate maps when we arrive at our destination! 

  8. Air conditioning! 

    As lovely as summer weather is, there’s little worse than being trapped on a hot train. Ok, there is something worse: your train is cancelled because of the heat on the tracks (literally did not know that was a thing until this summer, how annoying though). Neither of these heat-related problems exist with coaches! Also… National Express coaches have air conditioning.  

  9. Curtains

    Hungover? Trying to nap? Sun in your eyes? If, for whatever reason, you’re not feeling the view, there are curtains on a coach! This is especially useful when you’re hungover and the light / motion is just noooot working for you. 

  10. Your luggage is safe! 

    No need to place your luggage at the door while sitting 15 rows away facing the other direction and hoping for the best. 

We love travelling with National Express and can’t wait for our next trip! Whether you’re off to the airport or exploring a new city, National Express makes it super easy to get around. With thousands of tickets for £5 or less and the ability to connect over 750 locations, National Express is a fantastic way to travel around the country!