MOVING GUIDE (PART 1): How to Find a Property

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things in life. After these last few weeks, I can definitely confirm that’s true. I’ve decided to put together a moving guide to share everything I’ve learnt about moving in the last few weeks. A lot of this is common knowledge, but when you haven’t moved in a while it’s always nice to have a refresher!

First things first, find a property. When we found out we would be relocating to Norwich, we hopped on Zoopla and Rightmove to search for somewhere that met our criteria. These websites are great because you get to see way more properties than if you were using one letting agent’s website and you can really refine what you’re looking for.

Before you even start searching, make a list of some of your requirements. Make sure to distinguish between your wants and needs. You don’t want to end up compromising on something that is absolutely essential to you! Going into our search, we knew three things for sure:

  • We didn’t want to spend more than £800 monthly

  • We wanted to be as close to the city centre as possible

  • We wanted something that had been recently built or refurbished

Rightmove / Zoopla have this feature where you can put in enquiries to all the letting agents in the area. I did this, which might have been a huge mistake. I was inundated with calls for rentals I had absolutely no interest in.

I’m going to be honest here guys, all the letting agents who reached out to me were USELESS. It was incredibly frustrating to get loads and loads of calls from letting agents trying to pawn off properties that met ZERO of our requirements. It was clear that they’d had these properties for ages and just desperately wanted to get them let.

Don’t be afraid to say no to attending a viewing if you’re sure the property doesn’t meet your requirements. No matter how pressured you feel, just say no! This was something I really struggled with initially, but after 15 or so calls, I became increasingly annoyed and increasingly quick to get off the phone.

Ultimately, it’s ideal that you’re not rushed. It’s important that you’re patient, as the right property might take a while to pop up. Try to allow at least 6 weeks for your property search. Interestingly, the time frame for properties seemed to vary greatly between our experiences in Cardiff and Norwich. In Cardiff, properties go months in advance, while in Norwich, properties tend to be posted only a few weeks before the tenancy is set to commence. Make sure you know what the property market is like wherever you’re hunting.