Moving Guide Part 2: Packing for a Move

Where to start?

My best advice? Pack one room at a time. Packing one room at a time makes your life a little easier. It also means you can keep things organised by room, so that when you arrive at your new home you can easily unload your boxes.

The room you decide to start with is totally up to you. We started with the kitchen and only left out two forks, two knives, two plates and two mugs. We packed these on the morning of the move.

Next, we packed up the guestroom. This was super easy because there wasn’t loads we were taking with us. It felt like a quick win and motivated us to keep going! We then moved on to the bathrooms, excluding only the essentials. Then clothing and the rest of our bedroom.

We kept all of our clothing on the hangers and folded large piles in half then placed them in boxes. While this probably wasn’t the best use of space, it definitely made unpacking a lot easier!

Packing Materials

In the interest of the environment (and my wallet), I resolved to not spend a single penny on packaging materials. It just doesn’t make sense to me to spend money on something that ultimate is just going to be waste.

Instead of buying packing boxes, we went down to the grocery store and asked if we could have some of their recycling. Grocery stores get loads of stock in every day and it typically comes in large cardboard boxes. Our local Co-Op was more than happy for us to take their empty boxes; it saved them having to lug them out to the bin and saved us having to buy boxes!

Having previously worked in a department store in Cardiff, I knew how much bubble wrap and tissue paper they got rid of daily. We went to a department store and asked for some of their recycling. They gave us enough bubble wrap and tissue paper to wrap all the fragile items we had! We also used extra bits for padding out the occasional large box.

Also, I know this is obvious...but don’t forget to label your boxes!

Be ruthless!

When we hit a wall, one of my friends came over to help keep us going. Her home is always impeccable. Not only does she have the best taste, but everything is always clean and tidy. I don’t know how she does it, but I’ve come to believe a large part of this is through her ability to avoid clutter. She’s absolutely RUTHLESS. She got rid of loads of our stuff that we didn’t need...and we don’t miss any of it!

Use moving as an opportunity to get rid of the things you don’t need. It’s a great time to sell clothes, furniture and any other items you’re not getting use out of. I sold most of the stuff we were getting rid of on Facebook marketplace. I would definitely recommend doing it that way. It’s cheap and easy. Just make sure you’re being smart and safe when meeting strangers!

Keep Things Organised

We hired a removals company to help us get our stuff across the country. To make our lives a little easier on the other end, we tried to keep our boxes organised by room. This meant that when we arrived we could quickly unload things in the right place.

Working with a professional moving company made our lives so much easier. Having someone who knew how to properly lift heavy items was beyond helpful. It was also great to have an extra set of hands for carrying boxes and loading the van.

Also, hiring removal services isn’t as expensive as you might think. For a move as far as ours, it was actually about the same price as us having hired a van, but more on that in Part Three.