Ultimate Lazy Girl Nail Hack

I love having my nails done. When my nails are painted & shaped I feel more put together (even if I’m not… cause I’m usually not). It’s also nice to get pampered every now and then!  I try to get them done roughly every three weeks, but I don’t always have the time (or cash, let’s be real).

When I can’t be bothered, I opt for a cheaper & quicker alternative… Primark’s press-on nails. At only £1, they’re insanely good value. They’re easy to apply, and typically last me about a week. They have LOADS of styles and each set comes with so many different sizes that you’ll definitely be able to find matches for all your nails.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 5.53.39 pm.png

Not only are they cheap AF, but they’re so easy to put on. It doesn’t ever take me longer than 10 minutes, which is about 45 minutes less than I spend at the salon.

They’re cheap, easy to apply and honestly a pretty solid alternative to salon nails. My best tip for application is to apply the glue all over your own nail (like literally cover yo nails). This makes them last longer, so your £1 goes a bit further!